What SAHID Hotels & Resorts do?

SAHID HOTELS & RESORTS can provide long-term consultation services leading to new efficiency in sales and marketing, human resource development, corporate procurement and specialized technical services. It can also provide total management services for or with its clients. It has developed and gained a stronger network for most of corporations, travel agencies and government segments.

Conduct a personal evaluation to determine why you want to start a Hotel business

SAHID Hotels & Resorts will assisting to do market survey & analysis to determine the feasibility for the hotel project in related to the location, social condition, market surrounding, competitor, supply & demand and also the future strategic development in the city.

Benefit as SAHID Hotels Owner

• Privileged of SAHID CONNEXION Loyalty Program
• Technical Assistance or Assessment services
• Consultation and supporting
• Supporting to Pre-Opening until Grand Opening Hotel
• Management & Operation Services
• Supporting & Consultation of Hotel Management System
• Manual & SQS (Sahid Quality Standard)
• Consultation, coaching, & Supporting for operational & managing revenue
• GOP Profit from Revenue
• Positive Performance existing hotel.
• BANK-IN, & BANK-OUT system (General Account Bank and Operating Account Bank)
• Monthly financial report
• Consultation, coaching, & supporting related the expenses control
• Sahid Reputation
• Brand image of SAHID Hotels,
• Corporate Promotion (Free coverage of feature Hotel, Social Media, etc)
• Corporate Sales mission (travel mart, corporate gathering, exhibition, etc)
• Supporting of Digital Booking Channel (Website, etc)
• Sales & Marketing supporting, coaching, and training program.