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What SAHID Hotels & Resorts do?

SAHID HOTELS & RESORTS can provide long-term consultation services leading to new efficiency in sales and marketing, human resource development, corporate procurement and specialized technical services. It can also provide total management services for or with its clients. It has developed and gained a stronger network for most of corporations, travel agencies and government segments.

Conduct a personal evaluation to determine why you want to start a Hotel business

SAHID Hotels & Resorts will assisting to do market survey & analysis to determine the feasibility for the hotel project in related to the location, social condition, market surrounding, competitor, supply & demand and also the future strategic development in the city.

Create a business plan for your Hotel business

SAHID HOTELS & RESORTS offers the expertise to manage Hotel Projects dividing into two stages :

  1. Technical Assistance or Assessment Services
  2. The Hotel Management and Operation Services

How do we do it ?

Technical Assistance is service for a new hotel project, SAHID HOTELS & RESORTS giving assistance as surveyor, advisor, giving consultation to the Owner’s team starting from the planning till the hotel ready to open.

Assessment is services for re-branding hotel, means re-standarization the hotel operation for cost efficiency, operational wise, positive revenue performance to get more valuable revenue and profit.

Who do we serve ?

SAHID HOTELS & RESORTS assisting the Hotel Owner by giving consultation and the best solution for Owner’s project by allied with the Developer/ Contractor, architect, Mechanical & Electrical consultant, and also the Exterior & Interior Designer. We do recommend and reference of SAHID’s Banks relation.

Committing to Your Business

SAHID HOTELS & RESORTS define the customer problem and giving assistance in how your hotel business can provide a solution in a unique way.

  • Determine viability the market base on hotel target
  • Validate your idea into the hotel concept and match to the SAHID value’s brand
  • Assess how much Capital you have available to invest for this project
  • Planning for Your Hotel Business Plan
  • SAHID HOTELS & RESORTS implement management standard services in each department
  • Property Management System (PMS)

Key Position Persons

Dra. SB. Wiryanti, Sukamdani, CHA

President Commissioner of SAHID Hotels & Resorts

Dr. Ir. H. Hariyadi B. Sukamdani, MM

President Director of SAHID Hotels & Resorts

Exacty B. Sryantoro, MBA

Vice President Director of SAHID Hotels & Resorts

Vivi Herlambang, SE,SH, MM

Director of Business Development & Sales Marketing of SAHID Hotels & Resorts

Sahid Recognition Award